Wednesday, May 4, 2011

kick the past and move on! :)

Forgetting your past relationship and moving on with your life could be a difficult task.
Break up is indeed easy, but to get over with your ex is a serious story.
Some take a long time to accept that it is over, some take months or even years, and the worst thing is, others just can't recover no matter what they do.

Here are some of the actions that I did to get over with that creep :P

1. I cried my heart out, that's the very first thing that I did. I was still dumbfounded then. The reality wasn't sinking in me yet. I cried and cried and cried. But doing such made me feel better. Whatever pain I had inside myself, I just let it all out.

2. I sent him hate messages, it doesn't sound good I know, but I felt lighter when I did that, and I didn't care if I transformed into a monster at that moment, and my dearest friends there's one thing that you should know, I LOVE BEING MEAN (when it comes to him xD)

3. I deleted his digits from my contacts, I still know it by heart anyway :P but it did help. since I don't have his number on my phone anymore, I don't compulsively text him. kasi naman whenever I see his name on my phone I can't help but send him death threats . LOL

4. I deleted him as friend on Facebook, I even blocked him, coz i'm freaking out whenever I see his name on the news feed. I just don't wanna see any updates from him. what for diba?

5. I engaged myself in things that I'm not used to do before. I chilled out and laughed with friends. During the time that I was weak, they all served as my medicine. :) 
I read novels and some articles about heartbreak, listened to sad songs and allowed myself to cry, watched flicks and watched over and over my favorite film. I gave myself a break.

 I admit that I do hold on with memories, coz memories are a great thing in life and are a gift of the past. But I don't cling with that perspective anymore, especially when it's a memory that I shared with him.. that's why I did these things ...

6. his text messages that I kept like forever on my phone? HUWELL, I tossed those in the trash.

7. I had his and our pictures on my phone and my laptop before, I'm pretty sure that you already know what I did with those. wala na kong pakialam kung nasayang yung mga yun, well, di naman nasayang ee. aanhin ko pa ba yun diba, kahit titigan ko yun ng titigan wala ng mangyayari. :D

8. I hid the stuffs that he gave me, for those remind me of him. I placed it under a mini table. I didn't bury or burn them, I'm still a good girl, I won't do that :)

9. Day by day, I learned to accept the fact that it is over, that there's no more "us", and that our story has come to an end. It's really hard you know, coz I still want our entire relationship to work, but he gave me up, (what kind of guy is he?! he let perfection go? man! you're not using your coconut shell! *evil laugh*). It's his loss, not mine.

As time went by, I realized that he's not the answer to my prayers, he's not the man that I will be buying furnitures with in the future, he's not the one for me. He just came into my life to leave memories and hurt me, memories and lessons that I can use in the future.

I stopped crying over him, I stopped wasting my days and nights thinking about him and our dead relationship. 

10. I thanked God for making this happen. Everything that God does is purpose-driven. He wants me to learn something from this experience.


Honestly, until now, I'm still under the process of moving on. It's not easy, it may take a year or two before I totally forget everything that's in the past, before I allow myself to love again.
but I have a strong belief that I will soon recover.

He broke my heart, but he made me stronger. :)
(burst out this song of Pink .. )

" so what? i'm still a rockstar, i got my rock moves and i don't need you
and guess what i'm having more fun! and now that we're done i'm gonna show you tonight
i'm alright, i'm just fine, and you're a tool,
so, so what? i am a rockstar, i got my rock moves, and i don't want you tonight !!! "


I'll use this quote again, for those who are left broken like me,
Don't cry because it is over, smile because it happened. 


  1. nosebleed! haha. pero tama yan! kahit na wala pa akong experience. chos! ^_~

  2. nice one ella. hahaha :))
    ung susunud kong blog para syo. mas madadalian ka. promise. haahhaha *evil grin

  3. jom. nawa'y di mo maranasan ang pait na pinagdaanan ko. drama! haha xD

    ate wends. iinyain ko next post mo. :)