Sunday, May 8, 2011


SUBO -- 

I used to hate that four letter word for some unidentified reason. Maybe because it simply annoys the light out of me, for it brings a different meaning to other people. But I never expected that SUBO will mean a lot to me now. Out of the blue, that word made a whole new meaning in my life. My college days wouldn't have been full of fun if not because of "SUBO". They made my freshman days a blast! Whenever I'm with them I have this I-wanna-party-all-night feeling. Being with them is full of never-ending happiness and infectious laugh trips. (infectious talaga? parang sakit lang aa xD)

SUBO is an all girl group, it's a sisterhood. And yes, I'm one of the eight lovely ladies. :P
We're eight unique individuals possessing different personalities, characteristics and attitudes.
One significant thing that I learned from them is to accept our differences.
We may be unique in our own gorgeous ways and we may not totally share common interests, but then we're still girls, girls will be girls, we'll understand each other no matter how hard a situation is. 

A friendship works out of its harmony and not of conformity. We learned to accept each other although we're all different. Sometimes.. I mean MOST OF THE TIME we don't have the same idea about a particular thing. We're not closing our doors for the ideas of each member, in fact we always welcome ideas and suggestions. Coz we don't know, maybe her idea is better than mine, got it? We're open-minded. :) Another thing, If one of us doesn't eat veggies or beef then be it. We don't have a rule in our group that dispatches a member who isn't eating veggies or whatnot, wew that's weird. 

Being different with one another is actually a good factor in friendship. How is it so?
Well, we're different, and through our differences we can help each other out.
The strength of one member will fill out the weakness of the other
For instance, I am having some difficulties in a particular subject, someone from the group who excels in that subject can help me out. Right? Right? :)

To make this whole thing simple, we don't have to change ourselves into someone that we are not. We can be accepted for who and what we are. But what we have to do is to improve ourselves into a better one. To be liked, we have to make ourselves likable. We just show who we really are and we are accepted and appreciated for that. *Ü*


with Dad Noel.

Tagaytay trip with our Dad. :)

with Dad again. Look at him xD


need to catch some z's.
good night buddies! :*


  1. HAHAHA. om, er.. speechless :D when i read the 'i-wanna-party-all-night feeling', a grin that can split my face started to spread. i do have the same feeling.. ee. im giggling, shame on me. haha. everything you said is true, especially the awesome adjectives and compliments. LOL. haha. love you el. love subo. :DD ♥♥

    i'll start my next blog for you.but dont expect something grand, you know my works are crappy. haha :) muaps.

  2. aha! "Look at him" ha.. nyahaha.. nice blog ella! :))