Saturday, April 23, 2011

kawaii ♥

aaaww! he is such a cutie. ü
I do love Japan, but I love him more. :P

Name:                  Koike Teppei 
~  his name "Teppei" came from his father's favorite manga, Ore wa Teppei . Ü
Birthdate:           5th of January 1986
Birthplace:         Osakasayama, Osaka, Japan
Height:                167cm
Weight:                54kg
Star sign:            Capricorn
Blood type:         type B

Teppei-chan was one of the male characters in Gokusen 2, he played the role of Takeda Keita, a student of Kumiko Yamaguchi. His role in the mentioned drama was part of the reason for his increasing popularity.

He is a member of the singer-songwriter duo WaT 
with his partner, Eiji Wentz.

He had his solo single, Kimi ni Okuru Uta
and his solo album, Pieces, in year 2007.

In 2005, he released his first photobook, 
First Letter from Teppei
his second photobook, Kiss me, Kiss me in 2006, 
and his third photobook, Aozora Sanpo, in 2008.

His story of leaving his family and hometown to pursue his dream of being a performer was turned into a fifty-two pages one shot manga entitled Bokura no Ibasho.
-- I'm planning to read that manga sooooooooon ! ^.^

these are just some infos about him,
thanks to Wikipedia. Haha! ^.~


I'm a fan of Gokusen, I didn't miss any episode of it.
Dun ko nakita si Teppei ♥
He's my one and only Japanese crush.
Look at him, he's soooooo cute, isn't he?
He looks like an innocent child.
I love his eyes, nose, lips, the way he smiles AT ME and everything! Ü
I'm now studying basic Japanese, because I will fly to Japan and look for him! haha! :'>
Hm, I think we will look good together, 
we will make a cute couple!
(in my wildest dreams Ö)
haaaay, can't wait to see him in person xD

I'm truly, madly, deeply inlove with this cutie


  1. nice ella! gumaganun talaga??
    ano ung sinabi mo
    "I love his eyes, nose, lips, the way he smiles AT ME and everything! Ü"
    tapos ung
    "I think we will look good together,
    we will make a cute couple!"
    grabe!! .. di ko kinaya!! >.< waaaahhh!!

  2. hahahaha! sabi ko na nga ba papansinin mu yung linya na yun. ganun talaga jom, pagbigyan mo na ko, minsan lang naman ee, nangangarap lang naman xD

  3. agaw pansin naman talaga. akalain mo si ella magsasalita ng ganun?? xD haha. pero ok lang yan. ako rin naman ganyan minsan :P toinkz!