Saturday, December 22, 2012

What a calm and quiet afternoon it is. Ü
  • My brother and I already went home. We're supposed to be in our locale for our International Thanksgiving. However, due to some reasons that I don't have plan of spilling in here bec I just don't want to (oh lamest reason of all), we decided to stay in our peaceful residence.. though we both want to stay in our locale with our beloved nanay and tatay. 
  • Switching gears, my nanay and I went to a thrift shop in a city which is 8.16 kilometers away from our residence yesterday afternoon. Go guess what that place is. Mehe~
  • I bought a gray three quarter sleeve shirt and a vertical striped skirt. Not bad I must say. They're defo cute! And they're not pricey! (Ofc, that's given) I like what Gela Muñoz said.. and so I quote "I love shopping at thrift shops. Once you go ukay, you'll never look at 'normal-priced' clothes the same way again." Oh wait up! Let me just correct myself, it's my nanay who paid for the garments. Not me. Haha. I'm kuripot when it comes to clothes. I don't buy clothes for myself.
  • As I was browsing an old ish of Candy Magazine, the pink satchel bag above caught my attention. I love pink so much. But that bag costs an arm and a leg. Dude, I won't spend 6000 php for just a mini satchel bag. A big NO!
  • And oh! I couldn't help myself but to fall in love with the fancy stuffs I saw, still, from the mag I mentioned earlier. The tote in stripes and polka dots looks so fab! The wallet with a vintage-y touch and the postcard inspired notebook also caught my attention. I just love ethereal hues. They make me feel light and cool. Hehe.
  • Did I already cite that I have a crush on Lee Dong-Hae of Super Junior? Eeehhh, I find him cute. But nah, I'm not a fan. :)
  • I have something to do again. And I hope I'll be able to finish what's on my to-do list today. Btw, I'm going to create personalized bookmarks next week. I'll give them to few people. Not gonna drop a single hint who those persons are! >:P
  • That's all for today. Ü

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