Friday, January 4, 2013

Whoop it up!

Today's our first day for the year 2013!
  • We didn't do anything in Macroeconomics. Our professor left us inside our room and allowed us to do anything we want. Being ~*responsible*~ Accountancy students that we are, we studied/reviewed our notes because we'll have our prelim exam in Financial Accounting 3 for the day. Idk what my classmates did during the vacation. But I, myself, wasn't able to focus on reviewing for the past two weeks. I was kinda busy with other things. That's why I also took the opportunity to review more. Hehe.
  • Fast forward to the next subject, which is Financial Accounting 3.. our professor distributed the exam booklets and questionnaires as soon as we got inside our respective room. And there.. we took our exam. lol. The exam is not that hard but I'm pretty sure that I will not get a perfect mark. Haha.

Oh. I have a new set of sticky notes! I got them for only 25php! ☺

My buddies and I went to a mall near our university.. we decided to eat there for lunch. When we're done eating, we went straight to the department store. And there I bought these fancy papers. Ü The floral background is actually a 'quite thick' wrapper from Hallmark. I also bought a new set of 8"x8" scrapbook paper sheets in addition to my collection. Yesssss. I love papers. I mentioned before that fancy stuffs make me weak. 

As I was sitting on my chair inside our room, I listed my expenses for the day and I found out that I have a deficit of 61php. Haha. I need to control myself in spending money next time. 

So.. I'm currently making another set of bookmarks. That's it for now. ♥

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