Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ace your year!

  • In a few short hours, we'll bid adieu to year 2012 and we'll get set for the amazing year to come.. 2013! Yey!
  • I will not sum up in here the things that happened to me for the whole year. I don't have enough time and I'm not in the right mood to do so. And I guess, that is not a must. So yeah.
  • I'm freaking tired as of this moment because I was in Manggahan from 10am up to 8pm. I helped my lola, tatay, nanay, ninong/tito egay, ate/tita reggie, auntie achel and the helpers of my lola sa pagtitinda sa palengke. We were not able to eat our meals on time. Grabe sa dami ng bumibili. And some of the customers were so annoying. Ugh. Tapos kulang pa sa helper kaya napakahirap. -_-
  • Pero bago yun, nakasabay ko sa jeep si Dan, a classmate of mine back in elementary. Wala lang. Hehe.
  • I'm hoping and praying for a better year. :)
  • The photos above? Don't mind them. Bunga ng kaartehan ko. Haha. Pupunuin ko yung bottle ng thoughts and kung ano ano for the next days. Tapos I'll read my entries at the end of the year. XD
I wasn't able to post this last night. Haha. How stupid of me.

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