Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Our break will officially start tomorrow! Hooray! Lol no. I'm just kidding. But tomorrow's gonna be our last day on school for this year. Still sounds good, I guess. ☺ And also, our prelim examinations for 2012 is already over. We still have exams next year though. Uh, supposedly, our exam in Financial Accounting 3 is scheduled today. However, our professor wasn't able to provide a hard copy of our exam bc, according to him, the printer in the CBA faculty isn't working. So our exam is postponed until next year. Yet, that's a good news for us. We still have more than a week to study. Hehe. Plus, our exams in Law on Partnership & Corporation, Mathematics of Investment and Management Accounting will also be on January next year. I'm not sure of the exact date though coz we haven't discussed a single topic yet.. yeah, we only met our professors last week. 

So you see? I'll be a busy bee this coming Christmas break coz I have loads of school stuffs to do. Aside from reviewing, I have to do some advance reading in FinAcc, and along with that is my duty of taking down notes and answering the theory and application problems we have in our book. Plus, I have to start summarizing the assigned chapters to me for our project, still, in FinAcc. And of course, I should not disregard Law.. I must read at least the first three chapters of it. Oh, I almost forgot, I'll be the second reporter in GGSR. I should start practicing everything that I'm gonna say on my report. I also have to do some research for my report in JPL.. then, I have to start doing our project in Macroeconomics.

How am I gonna do all of them in just a couple of weeks? There are sooooo many haves, shoulds and musts on my mind. Anyway, I don't have to worry about it up to the extreme degree. I should enjoy everything that I'm going to do this coming break. I need a petagram of nuggets of positive vibes! Yes, PETAGRAM! Hooh! 

I'll be on church this coming Saturday with my nanay, tatay and younger bro. The International Thanksgiving of our church is scheduled on Saturday until the 24th. Sad to say, my brother and I will only be present on Saturday because we have promised that we'll help our lola on her business. A myriad of customers will certainly be buying goods from her stalls because Christmas is coming in a week. Hmmm. Happy holidays! We don't celebrate Christmas.. we're not Catholic. Just saying. Haha. ;)

That's it for tonight. Maybe I'll queue some posts na lang.

I don't know how I'm gonna manage my time! Kaya 'to. Fight!

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