Thursday, December 6, 2012


I am being bombarded by sooooooo much stuffs to do, and yes, they’re driving me brainsick. Report, advance readings, review and whatnot.. basically, school stuffs. The worst case scenario is that, I am sick. I have colds and cough. Mucus… ewww.

I should feature moooore fruits and veggies on my diet next time. I’ve been indulging myself with processed foods, meat, dairy goods, coffee and chocolates these past few weeks and months which, as what my brother told me, is the main reason why I caught a cold. And hey! I’m drinking green barley before eating for 3 days now. According to my research, barley is a mucus-producing plant coz it contains gluten. Now I see the reason why I’m not yet recovering from this irritating illness despite the fact that I am drinking my medicine. Tsk tsk. It all started with a simple sore throat which I didn’t bother curing. Stress, sleep deprivation and cold weather made it worse. *So the picture shows how crazy I can get when I am sick. lol

So back on track, I have a lot of things to do. Prelim’s coming in a couple of weeks but I can’t feel it yet. Until now, we don’t have professors in Management Accounting, MOI and Law on Partnership and Corporation. But cheese!! Our minors are really uggghh. They’re leveling up with the major ones.

I am doing a powerpoint presentation as of this moment. And it’s a tumblr-inspired presentation featuring the photo of my tumblr crush on the first slide. Vin. :’> In case he find out that I used his photo, he’ll prolly find me creepy and obsessed. But oh, I am not guilty. It’s just a plain crush thingy. And teens normally do this kind of crazy thing. Meheee~

I gotta go now, need ta blow my nose. HAHA! We have a quiz tomorrow and the demented lass is not yet reviewing her notes. Ja ne! :)

Wait! here's a picture of my crush. <3

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