Saturday, December 15, 2012

Bad situations happen to the best of us. They come about for a reason tho. We can rise above that kind of rough phase by focusing on what's really important. It's just fine to be down in the mouth for a day or two after an awkward misstep. Breathe. Laugh it off. Smile. Take a rest. Deal with things one at a time. Act like nothing happened. That wouldn't make you look stupid, promise.

Don't put yourself beneath scrutiny, bc you don't have to. You're not old enough to take things on a hard way. And also, you're not that young anymore to disregard a minor fall. Oh, that makes you just smack in the middle. Heh~ So with that, take things not extra hard and not extra light. You might ask me how such can be done. You know what my answer is, I DON'T KNOW. Hehe. Only you can think of something that can exactly please you. Hmmm. Live without undue worry nevertheless, always be open to the possibility of pain, humiliation and trip.

Forget the stress for a while. Spoil yourself by going to your favorite bath house and take a warm and refreshing bath. Get into a yoga class. Eat ice cream. Drink your favorite tea. Edit out the non-essentials in your life. Delete the memory of yours when you stumbled in front of a flock. Reinvent yourself. And don't forget to grab a cucumber from your refrigerator, cut it into two slices and put them over your eyes. Because dude, your eyes, for sure, will look puffy if you'll sulk for a day or two just because of a simple fall.

Needless to say, this is another nonsensical post of mine. So be it. To end this, I'll leave you a quote from a guy who doesn't know me. lol
"Things don't just get bad then get better. You LET things get bad and you MAKE things get better."

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