Saturday, November 24, 2012

keepsakes. ♥

It's the little things that I value the most. :)

stuffed toys from my past lover and my mom

paper rose from Joenel~
he gave that to me two sems ago. that was during our Statistics class,
we were seatmates then.

candy from a seatmate of mine. Idk why I'm keeping the wrapper. Mehe~

journal from my brother

blue gemstone from Wendy~ she gave that to me 7 years ago
tokens and tickets that my past lover and I kept as souvenir
wrist watch from Patrice
paper clip from Jomelyn
old simcards of mine and my past lover
bear couple phone accessory~ you might already know where the other one is

spongebob from my past lover
cute little bear from Mayang
pink cat from my pardz, Christian

fridge magnet from Ronnel~ from China! hihi :3
key chain from Sir Noel~ ooohh Thailand.

phone accessories~
from my ten year old cousin, Gaile
from Jana and,
from my brother

from Jom, Aivy, Krizia and Jana.

three hankies from my past lover

small box from Miracle, a friend of mine back in second year hs
letter from my past lover
riyal from my dad  

puppy key chain~ that's a couple chain actually
cute little stuff from Poleng

8gb flash drive from my dad and a cute phone accessory from Aira~ fresh from HK! Ü

key chain from Kaye and bookmark from Chi

These are just some of the stuffs I'm keeping. I have letters, greeting cards, pins and many more. It's just so amazing how these things help me remember the good times I had before with the people who gave each one of them. Aaaaah, memories.

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